Blood Moon, “All U Got”

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Blood Moon, "All U Got"

’80s revivalism is all over the Top 40: Walk the Moon, Pitbull, and Maroon 5 (in their strangely explicit single) are all adopting the sounds of the in-vogue decade. As much of the pop-hit pie as RCA and Interscope dominate, Blood Moon’s “All U Got” is a true summer banger. Jesse Brickel, of Young Yeller and formerly of Chrome Sparks, released his first album under the Blood Moon moniker, Cosmic Sands, last year. Since then, Brickel has made unabashed synth-pop of the synthiest and poppiest variety.

As motivated by the ’80’s sounds as by its swagger, Blood Moon has perfected the structure and groove of a warm-weather blockbuster. Glitzy but not tacky, simple but not stupid, and influenced but not carbon copied, “All U Got” will make you fall for its shimmering guitars and catchy vocals as hard as the track’s protagonist falls for the girl. Driven by the tantalizing allure of summer freedom, your search for a new hand-dolphin song for windows-down drives should end at “All U Got”. At least until the hyperactive pop world decides on another trendy decade, Blood Moon has cornered the market on my bobbing head.