Deerhoof release “Paradise Girls”, second single from La Isla Bonita

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It seems as if every experimental album that comes out between Deerhoof albums are just waiting to be revolutionized by the next Deerhoof album. So much of what we listen to is reformation of music past-explored; Deerhoof are the true masters of embodying and cleverly translating this genre-crossing experience.

With the two singles off the forthcoming La Isla Bonita, “Exit Only” and the very recent “Paradise Girls”, the band takes a step towards a mix of industrial pop and the familiar hint of garage punk that they always manage to sneak into their music. With “Paradise Girls” we only have more confirmation that the next Deerhoof album is going to be an exciting event. The song is a looping alt-pop track inter-spliced with snaking guitar riffs and Satomi Matsuzaki’s signature bubbly vocals. In a press release Greg Saunier said “it’s about how girls are and have always been smarter.”

La Isla Bonita is out November 4 on Polyvinyl.