DJ MAKossa, “REEL 1” Mix

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Seattle-based label Wax Thematique might only have one release in its catalog, but that doesn’t equate to inactivity. Wax Thematique’s strength is in the live arena, supporting deejays and producers who specialize in curated nights in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and St. Louis. Speaking of St. Louis, DJ MAKossa calls the city home. And while he doesn’t have a trending remix of a radio hit or a track in heavy blog circulation, his audience is the faithful attendees that once vibed to his psych-heavy AFREAKA! nights in SF and the soul-struck masses that currently gather for Bump&Hustle at Blank Space in his hometown.

With their attention ever directed at vinyl-only deejays and vintage designers with a modern eye, Wax Thematique is launching a new series entitled, REEL. The series consists of curated mixes, available for free download, by deejays, producers, and designers. For the first edition of REEL, Wax Thematique teamed with Small Studio in France to offer unique artwork, inspired by DJ MAKossa’s psychedelic vinyl mix. “REEL 1” is a mind melt of cross-genre excursion. Clocking in at 46 minutes, “REEL 1” features a selection of Flamenco Fuzz, Bizarro Breaks, Futurist Gypsy Folk, Electronic Erotica, and Atmospheric Soul. DJ MAKossa enters on a sinister bass line break, setting an ominous introduction, but his extensive collection keeps the journey in flux, as pornographic moans interrupt a McCartney-esque wail about loneliness. “REEL 1” is a tasteful blend of graphic gems in which bygone Nashville damsels sing seemingly traditional country tunes about endless sex and paranoiac wormholes of psychedelic orgies. DJ MAKossa proves his collection is unmatched when it comes to vintage raunch.

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