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Here’s what felte, Mysteries’ label, has to say about the group: “The label does not actually know much about the band.. It was a cold demo and they haven’t shared much info other than wanting to let the music do the talking.” And their website is some weird cult-ish feeling esoteric shit, so unfortunately, very little light can be shed on Mysteries-the-group (whose name is particularly apt), but there is a lead single from their upcoming release, New Age Music Is Here.

The song is called “Deckard”, and trying to to tie it in to any pre-existing musical classification is like trying to tie that infinitely-headed dragon thing from Hercules (yeah, the fucking Disney movie) to a pole with only one collar and with twine as a leash. Stupid simile aside, “Deckard” is an odd song that falls somewhere between 80s new wave, goth, jungle beat, and “Pop Song” by David Sylvian. Elastic synths and bigger-than-thou drums make up the backdrop to the slippery croon of the vocals, shakily singing: “I still want you/But I don’t want to.” The song feels like psychological decay with its unsure lyrics and harmonically unsettling structure. As enigmatic as Mysteries are, their music is weirdly easy to connect with, despite how strange it may sound.

New Age Music Is Here is due October 28 via felte.