Kris Kelly’s new single “We Flew” is a treat unlike anything we’ve heard in a while. Blending chamber pop, folk, and psychedelic reverb, the classic sound evokes Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley vibes, and with good reason. Kelly’s credits on the single include John Philip Shenale, who arranged for Tori Amos & Jane’s Addicition, and Noah Georgeson who mixed for Joanna Newsom.

On the inspiration for the single Kelly says, “I wrote it as an encouragement for any LGBTQ person to never doubt their hearts, no matter what the government or religions tries to force on them. We have to be so strong in knowing who we are is OK, is right, and that our love is stronger than their fear.”

“We Flew” is a preview single for Kris Kelly’s upcoming album Runaways, due out 2019. Take a listen below and connect with him more here.