Maria Neckam, “Familiar”

Today, ethereal pop singer Maria Neckam releases her debut single “Familiar,” a song the artist states, “is about making a conscious choice to go for what you truly want in your heart, rather than sticking with what comes naturally and feels familiar.”

Neckam is an Austrian-born, jazz-trained composer, and during her 10 years stint in NYC, Neckam has gained accolades from the jazz community. Before relocating to Brooklyn in 2008, she graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory of Music with a BA in Jazz Voice, then continued her studies of Jazz Voice along with Composition during her Master’s Degree pursuit from Manhattan School of Music.

But “Familiar” is not a standard jazz arrangement. It’s an instantly catchy pop tune with a chorus – “It would be so easy, it would be so easy, it would be so easy to repeat” – one will find themselves chanting alongside Neckam by the 2-minute mark. Her jazz training is apparent, however, within the song’s composition which layers her crooning vocals and tempo changes carry the song forward. With a departure from her standard jazz roots, “Familiar” welcomes Neckam into sultry indie-pop territory.

Take a listen:

Maria Neckam celebrates the release of “Familiar” tonight, Friday, March 1st, at C’mon Everybody and tickets are still available here.