Mariano Di Gabriele – “Write This Song With Me”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Delaware singer-songwriter drops catchy new late summer jam

Bringing back the warm, summery sounds of the mid-’00s, when artists like Jack Johnson and John Mayer dominated the pop music spectrum, Delaware singer-songwriter Mariano Di Gabriele releases his latest “Write This Song With Me.” Applying the metaphor of his songwriting to his life, it’s clear that music is very attuned to him as a person, and he delivers it with remarkable finesse.
“In the song, the act of ‘writing a song’ is used as a metaphor for building a life with someone that you care about deeply. I delve into emotions that anyone can relate to: the feelings of endless care for a person, the inevitable feeling of uncertainty for the future, and a longing to build a life with someone that is important to you,” he shares. The song touches on the sentiment that even if the future is uncertain, at least we can go through that uncertainty together and write our own story.”
He goes on to say that he rarely writes in a specific genre, noting, “When you do that, you don’t always get a ‘one genre’ result, but what I do always guarantee is a certain energy and songs that can evoke some kind of emotional response from listeners.” Tune into “Write This Song With Me” below via Spotify.