Mike Krol, “This Is the News”

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Mike Krol, "This Is the News", Turkey

Mike Krol is living out the rock ’n roll dream. His life reads like the premise of a Hollywood film: Once a graphic designer, Krol dropped his promising career and decamped to Los Angeles to make music. While he’s not selling out The Greek quite yet (and let’s be real, that’s not his goal), Krol has been drumming up a cult following with some damn fine music.

Following the news of his upcoming LP on Merge, Turkey, Mike Krol has graced us with its lead single, “This Is the News”. Expanding on his penchant for macro power pop and lo-fi recordings, “This Is the News” leans even noisier than much of his back catalog—brace yourself for seriously distorted guitars and intentionally shrill vocals. By filtering pop progressions through a garage rock lens, though, Krol’s new track is just as catchy and accessible as his first two albums. Mike Krol has never aimed for the high brow, but “This Is the News” is a smarter, more inspired take on unpretentious fun.

Mike Krol will be playing a few shows in September with Mac McCaughan & the Non-Believers. Dates are below.

Turkey is out August 28 on Merge.

14 Seattle, WA at Tractor Tavern
15 Portland, OR at Doug Fir Lounge
17 San Francisco, CA at Rickshaw Stop
18 Los Angeles, CA at The Echo