milo announces official debut, A Toothpaste Suburb

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Though there’s rarely a time we’ve not been reporting a new milo release since discovering his I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here album in 2011, today the recent LA transplant announced his proper solo debut, entitled A Toothpaste Suburb.

Available in September via Nocando’s Hellfyre Club imprint, A Toothpaste Suburb is a 16 track opus that utilizes the bonds and friendships made before he was writing dedications to his departed friend Rob and after he got a cease & desist letter for Milo Takes Baths. Featuring production from iglooghost, Tastenothing, Greyhat, and Riley Lake, the record exists in both imagination and reality as milo invites us into a cul-de-sac built with the help of Open Mike Eagle, Buck 65, WC Tank, and Kool A.D.

To accompany the announcement, milo prepared a short film entitled Up From Sloth, which functions as an instructional video for living in a toothpaste suburb. The film features the 22 year old rapperadorned in a Krill shirt (fuck yeah)cruising through Milwaukee, urinating into  either one of the Great Lakes or the Pacific Ocean in his new West Coast residence, and perusing a grocery store. He’s going to have so many new friends on the streets of Los Angeles with those parallel parking skills!

A Toothpaste Suburb is out September 23 on Hellfyre Club.