field trip, †Horror Vacui†

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The definition of “horror vacui”, according to Merriam-Webster, is literally the aversion to empty spaces in artistic designs.  Visual art would have all spaces filled with details and designs.  Field trip has filled their debut album – aptly titled †Horror Vacui† – with wall to wall melodies.  Each song begins with music and ends with music with rests only slightly between songs.

“Still” is a tune that sounds the most conventional in its composition on the album, evoking a driving along a coastal highway feel with its chords.  “4 CA” has an alt rock edge and ethereal vocals – two sounds that shouldn’t go together, but do quite nicely.  All of the seven songs on the album employ creative sounds and music, at once futuristic and unexpected.

“Horror Vacui ( hôrər ˈvakyəwī ) is my endtimes novella. It’s about the harmonious void of being a person, that cunning omniscience that plagues and shakes us all from the inside out. It’s about personal apocalypse, and it’s about the apocalypse.” –Noah Champ

7 tracks
1. Horror I
2. 4 CA
3. Vacui 95
4. never
5. 2 NY
6. Horror II
7. still

The band, who originally formed in 2014 in New York, will celebrate with a release party Saturday, November 12th at 8:00 pm at the Mercury Lounge. Tickets are available now.

†Horror Vacui† is available for preorder now.