Premiere: PRIMA, “Diva”

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When PRIMA released their debut demo, five tracks in all, and with a cover of Whitney Houston awkwardly embracing a slimed-up Queen Latifah, a bell intoned for a revival of the noisiest and grungiest we could get our hands on. The feeling that this two-piece delivers in rage, it also triumphs in power, and with the astounding primal vocals of lead woman Rose Blanshei, it's as is if there is actually a ghost backing band, and not just one drummer and one guitarist making an organized racket. The best and most raw track from their demo, which (fingers crossed) we are hoping turns into an EP, a full-length, a whole catalog of records, is the raunchy, shiny, dedication to what all women are, and with how Blanshei wails and wimpers, what we all hope we could be. There is an underlying level of sincerity in everything Blanshei screams and it comes through at moments where you think she could be having a laugh, taking the piss out of you. But never question a woman who pleads—half unhinged and mildly maniacal—that she “wants another credit card.”

There is little present information about the noise ballerinas (their title, not mine, though I couldn't agree more), but they are without doubt going to start popping up on your radar more often than you're ready for. The band just played a show at Cake Shop with Barren Girls and and Weird Womb. Listen to the full demo at this link</a> and if you need any more convincing that women can wield an axe (guitar and murder weapon both), you probably need not look further than PRIMA. Sludgy, gritty, and grimed—like Queen Latifah covered in neon slime.