Stream: James Parm – “Oh My Darling”

No matter how your life ends up working out, chances are you have or will encounter a bit of a lost period in the wake of a dramatic life change. How extensively that shakes out depends on your pre-disposition or penchanct for wanderlust and/or various vices, and in the case of Montreal-based musician James Parm this came down two-fold and inspired a new artistic vision.

His new LP, Oh My Darling, comes after time spent picking up the pieces in the wake of a devasting break-up and unexpected job loss. Picking up a bartending job and retreating to city outskirts, Parm found clarity in being along.

Parm shares in his own words; “It seemed like everyone around me was hyper focused on satiating their ego desires. They would do drugs, party, drink, fuck, but never feel satisfied. I feel like my music is just a process that allows me to slowly unravel what isn’t truthful about life, so I applied it to processing this feeling of being a cultural outsider.”

With that, Parm’s latest work sonically and thematically calls to mind famous figurehead misanthrope’s like Trent Reznor or Josh Homme as blending ripping guitars with glitchy electronics. Today, Impose is highlighting Oh My Darling as an album you need to stream.

Check it out below and be sure to get your copy of Oh My Darling here.