Thug Entrancer, “Ectenic Force Mix”

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To begin: ectenic force is defined as the “supposed phenomenon of physical that is emitted by the person of the medium, and directed by his will, producing the means by which objects move without contact in apparent defiance of natural laws.” It was postulated by Count Agenor de Gasparin as a means for explaining the unexplainable, particularly in the sudden movement of inanimate objects. It’s not exactly Neo bending the spoon, but more a supernatural presence that’s trying to get your attention by moving a table or chair. Rather unsurprising, Thug Entrancer—the Software recording artist with album titled Death After Life—is versed in the phenomena and set out to demonstrate it through his Friday Night mix.

Thug Entrancer described his “Ectenic Force Mix” as being inspired by “texture and the skeletal rhythms buried beneath these layers.” The “Ectenic Force Mix” is a haunting excursion of outsider explorations collected across labels that refute limitation, like RVNG Intl., PAN, Ceremony Recordings, Tri Angle, and Thug Entrancer’s home, Software. If you believe in the paranormal we suggest listening with a friend, or several.

Thug Entrancer’s Death After Life is out now on Software and streaming on Bandcamp.

Ectenic Force Tracklist:
01 Millie & Andrea – Corrosive (Modern Love)
02 M.E.S.H – Imperial Sewers (PAN)
03 Lorca & Visionist – Slapstickk (Left Blank)
04 Holly Herndon – Breathe (RVNG Intl.)
05 Modern Heads – Moddax (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
06 Recondite – Libria (Dystopian)
07 Prism House – Drift (Thug Entrancer Remix) (Ceremony Recordings)
08 Sculpture – Unhitch Your Program (Software)
09 Sd Laika – Great God Pan (Tri Angle)
10 Pole – Berlin (Kiff)
11 Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbell – King In My Empire (Burial Mix)
12 David Van Tieghem X Ten – Slippery Slope (RVNG Intl.)
13 Inga Copeland – Diligence (Self Released)