Acid Problem Record Release at Dead Herring

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On Saturday July 28th Acid Problem played a show at Dead Herring before heading out on tour with Whatever Brains in early August. Joining them was Amherst, Massachusetts's own California X, Brooklyn's In School, and New York's Ylajali.

California X has a nice medlodic sound straight out of the 90s, kids who used to tape 120 Minutes will probably be into them. Check out their 7″ release here. You can check out their appearance on the crucial Distort Jersey City here.

Acid Problem is Passive Aggressor with a new guitarist and a stronger, fuller sound. In addition to a new member, there's a new 12″ to go with the tour.

In School is a continuation of the tragically defunct Household (whose album Items was one of my favorites from last year). You can download In School's cassette demo here. Edit: Household is not defunct. They play on August 24th at the New Museum. I will be there. You should be as well. Also, In School contains members of Household but is not a direct continuation.

Ylajali is a band from Brooklyn. It sounds like death rock / peace punk but without the typical affectation of the singer stepping down his voice an octive. It was damn exciting stuff. Check out their demo here.

Dead Herring is basically the TGIFriday’s of DIY Venues. DIYFriday’s. Hell yes.