Death By Art at The Ranch

Post Author: Eric Phipps

On Thursday, November 6, Death By Audio opened up The Ranch to the public for what may be the chance for the largest amount of people thus far to see the inner workings of Death By Audio. Many people have seen the venue where musicians have played but not as many people have seen where the people of Death by Audio have worked and lived. The entire living space has transformed into museum showcasing the visual, sonic, video games and conceptual art of people associated with the Death By Audio and the DIY community.

Death By Art will be running until the venue closes and will be open to the public from 8pm – midnight every M-F and 2pm – midnight Saturday and Sunday for the final days of Death By Audio.

It is highly recommended that you check this out if you can as the amount of art was almost overwhelming and could not all be captured here.

For more information on Death By Art, please check out the website for the installations here.

Celebrate the many contributions to the DIY community as Death By Audio gives back one more time.