Noise Pop 2013: Day 4+5

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In keeping up with Noise Pop everything, Day 4 begins at Bender's watching Wild Moth prove they are more than your little brother's DIY band by making a noise that would blow out the house electrical circuits from a poorly grounded garage practice sesh. Golden Void kept things in the post-metal space where the chugging chord brought about that warm, cherished feeling of doom while captivating the entire pub.

Later at Brick and Mortar I caught Sam Flax bring that strutting, eyeliner cool pop that won us over on the Age Waves album. The night ended at Cafe Du Nord where we caught the Radar Brothers bringing power chords and a sound that made me think what power pop might have sounded like if recorded in a the nineteenth century.

Wherein it's a Saturday night, and the feeling's right. And while waiting in line before 8 in front of Slim's to catch SF's rising phenomenon Future Twin, my credentials became nulled at the box office on account of a dubious early time cut off upon which the band came to my aid, stormed the box office amid a barage of security and strong armed me into the venue. Winning over hearts, those there to see YACHT became swept away by Future Twin front woman Jean Jeanie and her band of fellow future seeking music makers. Shock opened with electric dance boogie grooves while Tussle brought the abstract beat creativities to bring down the building brick for brick.

SISU brought the dark glow of their Demon Tapes to Brick and Mortar before Wax Idols brought their foreboding 80s gothier undertones into the post millenials. Front woman Jen Mundy minor chords reinforced her stoic androgyn like presence amid her band of beauties that catapulted us to DIIV's set of sounds that immersed us even more than the video projections displayed on their backdrop logo banner. Saving the recent single “Wait” for an encore while trying out some newer love songs; we can only look forward to hearing more from the former Beach Fossils guitarist, Zachary Cole Smith and his continuing adventures of being stuck in the 90s.

DIIV in, shall we? #puns