OWS Occupy 2.0 Arrests

Post Author: Gretchen Robinette

Impose photographer, Gretchen Robinette, was arrested at Duarte Park on Saturday, December 17. Here's what happened in her own words: “It started in Duarte Park with faith leaders from all over the country gathering and holding a GA, speaking about occupying the empty lot.

After the GA I went to the bagel shop restroom and saw some people carrying what I thought was a big wooden sign all folded up. While I was in the bathroom line, I read a tweet that they were marching. I came back to insane screaming, what sounded like a basketball auditorium, and turns out those were stairs they had built to climb in to the lot next to the park.

I didn't really think about it since everyone else was doing it, too (former Episcopal bishop George E. Packard I heard was the first to go over). I went over, then it was packed, then suddenly I was arrested. All the bishops and faith leaders were on the same wagon as me, cuffed, which was so surreal. Unfortunately I couldn't get to my camera.”

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