OWS Takes Back Zuccotti Park

Post Author: Gretchen Robinette

Police barricades were removed last Tuesday evening, January 10, 2012 from Zuccotti Park, what had been known as Liberty Plaza for the Occupy Wall Street encampment, allowing protestors to reenter. About 300 protestors entered the park around 6pm at the first mention of the barricades being removed, leading to a celebration of chanting, singing, and dancing.

The OWS Library was brought back, and protestors ate pizza, read books, and held a general assembly to discuss their next steps for the night. Some had decided they were staying the night, despite police and security guards who surrounded the park insisting that no one woud be allowed to sleep in the park. Some felt it was enough to have the space returned to them, but not necessary to sleep on the ground (and empty pizza boxes).

Police entered the park around 11pm, attempting to remove the library, while OWS protestors protected the books. Shortly after midnight, arrests were made – not for sleeping, but for sitting and laying down. Police and security guards claimed they were not allowed to sit down in Zuccotti Park.