Super Fun Variety Show

Post Author: , Gretchen Robinette

The Super Fun Superfund Variety Show presented the second edition of its circus-meets-sustainability cabaret, Saturday Feb 11 in Gowanus, Brooklyn, showcasing comedy, puppetry, circus, music, the Academy Award-nominated short film Time Freak (Nominee, Best Live-Action Short 2012), and an installation of Occupy Wall Street poster art. Super Fun Variety debuted in December to a standing room only crowd and featured an incredible array of talent ranging from the silly to the sublime. The February show hosted by ukukele sensations Ellia and Josh Bisker (of Sweet Soubrette and Cobra Gold), and gave more genre-bending performances in a one-of-a-kind setting: a10,000 square foot upcycling center for props, sets, and materials donated by film and TV productions.

The Film Biz Prop Shop, located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, is operated by Film Biz Recycling, a nonprofit organization that creates socially responsible and sustainable solutions from media industry waste. The Prop Shop sells and rents a vast array of furniture, household goods, and one-of-a-kind theatrical props donated by film and TV productions, and is an outstanding resource for artists and the community at large.

Super Fun Variety applies Film Biz’s mission to “reuse, repurpose, and upcycle” to the Prop Shop itself, transforming the treasure-filled warehouse space into a performance venue for a truly diverse array of artists. The show incubates emerging talent and cultivates seasoned professionals by offering filmmakers, musicians, variety artists, and other performers the opportunity to test and refine new work in front of a live audience. The show’s name refers to the Gowanus Canal’s recent designation as a federal Superfund site, and reflects an irreverent spirit, a strong social consciousness, and the goal of contributing to an environmentally and creatively sustainable local community.

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