The Julie Ruin and Petal War at Union Pool

Post Author: Edwina Hay

On Thursday, August 8th, The Julie Ruin played their first headlining concert ever at Brooklyn's Union Pool. The show was done ahead of the release of the band's upcoming album, Run Fast, and first tour. The Julie Ruin started as a solo project for Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre) and became a full band in 2010. It was difficult to not think about Hanna's other bands on Thursday night especially when The Julie Ruin's bassist is Kathi Wilcox (who was also in Bikini Kill) and their setlist included “Eau d'Bedroom Dancing,” from Le Tigre's self titled debut record. However, her prior bands really didn't matter since The Julie Ruin played songs from Run Fast and the 1997 album Julie Ruin, with many in the room singing along to every single word. A gentleman requested “Aerobicide” from that record but Kathleen quipped that there wouldn't be any hamster vocals tonight and instead, told a story involving a hamster that I wouldn't dare repeat.

Opening the show was Petal War, a young duo from Brooklyn. Their excitement and enthusiasm to perform were adorable and contagious. Plus, they played a cover of Pavement's “Frontwards,” and how could you not love that?

The Julie Ruin's third live performance ever happens to be their first headlining one.