Troy Ave at Public Assembly

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On Saturday, Feburary 16th, Tuff Tunes, a production company focused on expanding Hip Hop in Rhode Island threw an event at Public Assembly here in Brooklyn NY bringing along a rack of talent from our nation's smallest state (pop. 1,050,292) to the city's most populated borough (pop 2,532,645) to play along side with up and coming Brooklyn artist, Troy Ave. Perfoming were Rhode Island's Zumo Kollie, M3 and Cesar Luciano, while Tuge and surprise guest Bryant Dope, kept it local.

Working the crowd all night was comedian Eric Rosado of Eric's World TV and DJ Prince who got on the mic for a bit before Troy Ave.

Don't sleep on TUGE, dude was good. Funny with a lot of energy and had bars to burn.

Tuge was so good, you don’t even know.