bod [包家巷], Orchestra of the Frozen State [冰国乐队] [Void_047]

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Pastel Voids is at it with another stunningly composed tape release by bod [包家巷]. Labeled simply as “SIDE_A” and “SIDE_B”, Orchestra of the Frozen State [冰国乐队] [Void_047] was named for the artist’s machine (laptop), created because he is still trying to find out who he is. Inspired by the people around him, he created a sound space of intense sound effects, subtle harmonies that allow for a more in-depth look at what makes you intrinsically you.
As he explores his own personality, ancestral and artistic backgrounds, you are taken on a very unique journey. With bass that often reflects a human heartbeat, twinkling sounds that remind you of a slow space invasion, and trap-like layers, this tape will keep you on your toes.
Suggested use? Play it in the background of your next party, and see what the reaction is. We’re guessing some head bobbing will ensue, and many a highly intelligent conversation.
Orchestra of the Frozen State [冰国乐队] [Void_047] is available now.