Feel Freeze Share "Bridge To Your Heart' Video..

Feel Freeze build a warm ‘Bridge To Your Heart’ with new video to preview debut album

Having spent the last few years captivating us with an array of beautifully composed electro-pop cuts, Danish duo Feel Freeze are now ready to release their debut album on new track ‘Bridge To Your Heart’. It’s a melancholic yet uplifting ode to human connection – the bands background is all about breaking down barriers between people, with an emphasis on LGBTQ rights, an issue which in the Trump era is becoming ever more pressing.

The video in itself is an expression of the joy of interaction – filled with colour, we see two individuals frolicking with balloons, doing yoga and covering themselves in glitter. This is a track that will stay with you – one to stick on your headphones on your commute and forget about life’s pressures, comparable to the escapism that M83 or Sigur Ros provide.


In their own words the band tell us:

“Bridge to Your Heart is about the connection to another human’s heart. Sometimes the road feels very long and full of challenges and obstacles so that the connection gets interrupted before you even get through. Other times it feels as if the connection is there the very first time you meet each other and perhaps even before you spoke a word together. The song also expresses that we wish to build bridges between people with our music and it is therefore an introduction to some of the themes on ‘Feathers & Scars’ which is filled with messages about equal rights, norms for gender and sexuality, feminism, queer- and trans politics.”