New Music

Monstera Black – “Eat Your Soul”

Berlin duo conjures eclectic, avant-garde electronic banger Monstera Black and alysalysalys present a daring fusion of sound and vision in their latest collaboration, “Eat Your

Kitty – “Rent a Smile”

London singer-songwriter crafts radiant pop anthem “Rent a Smile” by Kitty radiates with the warmth of a summer day, offering a delightful pop anthem that

Fetch Tiger – Walking to Camera

Brooklyn indie duo conjures mesmerizing & heartfelt debut album On Walking to Camera, Fetch Tiger strips away the fictional characters tales’ they leaned heavily on

Peter Martin – “Out Like A Light”

British songwriter’s new single is full of atmosphere & melancholy U.K. songwriter Peter Martin returns with his latest single, “Out Like a Light,” enveloping listeners

Grace Corsi – Downriver

L.A. singer-songwriter conjures life-affirming album of jazz, soul & folk sounds Downriver, the debut album from Grace Corsi, is a soul-stirring journey through the realms

Melting Reeds – Sundown

Swiss indie-psych band explores luminous, ethereal soundscapes on new EP Amidst a cacophony of manufactured tunes, Melting Reeds shines brightly with their latest EP Sundown.

Savoy – Under

Norwegian band’s new LP is an introspective & captivating sonic tapestry Savoy’s seventh album Under delves into a rich tapestry of experiences that seamlessly blend

Albert Newton – Twin Earth

British musician fuses indie, psychedelic and electronica on blissful new LP Albert Newton‘s latest album Twin Earth emerges as a captivating fusion of psychedelia, electronica,