ShaqIsDope, "King Push"

Post Author: Andre G

If you want someone to smell the figurative roses, find a way to do it. Toronto rapper ShaqIsDope did. He told Fader that he was supposed to play a show with Pusha T in Toronto last summer, but it didn’t work out. ShaqisDope planned to pay homage to Pusha in person, so he decided to do it through song, with the recently released “King Push.”
This could have easily been one of those obnoxious songs that has nothing to do with the song’s subject beyond the recitation of a name in the hook, but ShaqIsDope comes through and delivered a street narrative with bars cold enough for Pusha himself to scrunch his face to. ShaqIsDope—who, yes, is referring to that Shaq in his name—rode the dissonant, regal beat with a double time flow that didn’t slack a second.
“Rap don’t work? Damn right, know I’m sellin’ snow,” ShaqIsDope proclaimed on the track. Luckily for him, with the skills shown on “King Push,” that won’t be necessary.