Governors Ball 2017's Commendable Lineup Strikes a Chord

Post Author: Dana Pacifico

With Governors Ball 2017 just around the corner there is a lot to look forward to with the kick off of festival season in NYC. Not only did Governors Ball give New York a solid helping of rap, hip-hop and R&B, but the food lineup even makes the very important decision of what to eat just as difficult – choose wisely!
What is wild to think about is that in the year 2017 we are completely over saturated with music festivals. Every other day a new line-up is coming out and another festival is being born. Governors Ball stands out from the pack because although it is a multi-genre festival – the thought and consideration put into rap portion is something that should be praised.

Charlie XCX

It’s great to see someone like Chance the Rapper headlining (I mean, the guy did it all himself), but what should make everyone giddy with excitement is the fact that Governors Ball was able to snag Childish Gambino—his ONLY scheduled tour date, making this get even more special. Yes, he has played the festival in the past, but what makes this appearance so remarkable is that we have no idea what he is going to do. With the release of “Awaken, My Love!” last year, Childish Gambino, completely switched up his style and gave fans a taste of his funkier, more serious side. It’s hard to comprehend what might take place as we can only base it on his intimate Joshua Tree performance of PHAROS back in September. One thing we can guarantee is that Gambino always brings the energy – dare I say that his show might be one of the most thought-provoking, entertaining and interesting of the entire festival. Though, GovBall leaves us with the difficult decision of choosing between Phoenix or Childish – take into consideration that Phoenix is making the rounds this summer and they WILL be back. Other notable acts include the obvious Wu-Tang, Schoolboy Q, Logic, Danny Brown & Wiz Khalifa.
Kehlani is another solid R&B act whose show is “Sweet, Sexy & Savage”. This woman is a force on stage! So glad to see festivals realizing the immense talent this woman has. A very welcomed curveball is British grime acts Stormzy and Skepta making their way to the states. After catching the first half of Stormzy’s set at Coachella, his set is an absolute cannot miss – So. Much. Bouncing!

While the set-time conflicts are difficult, one would hope that the decision about what to eat would be a piece of cake. Well, you’re wrong (#firstworldproblems). This year’s Governors Ball has curated a delicious line-up of food that will have you leaving Randall’s Island every night satisfied from all angles.
Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or null of any dietary restrictions there is so much to choose from. I already know I’ll be starting my day at Matcha Bar for a healthy dose of green tea caffeine to set me off on the right dancing foot each day. For each person their tastes vary, but what seems to be my biggest hold up is am I going to eat “real food” like pizza from Roberta’s Pizza, Mighty Quinn’s mouth-watering BBQ, or the always reliable Nugget Spot? Or shall I treat myself and eat all those incredible Insta-worthy dessert options from Taiyaki NYC, DO, Magnolia Bakery and Milk instead? Who am I kidding? I’ll be shoving my face with all the options. It’ll be simply too easy to get a pastrami sandwich from Harry & Ida’s, and then walk over to Van Leeuwen ice cream for a refreshing sugar fix. There are so many great options that are sure to put a hole in anyone’s wallet, while keeping your stomach full.

Just days away from Governors Ball 2017, here’s your friendly reminder to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a poncho (just in case), Ziploc bags, dancing shoes and a good-ass attitude. Can’t wait to see everyone out there!​