May 2021 Mix

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

The latest YouTube music videos, tracks & performance clips, featuring SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE & more

With their incredible new album ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH, experimental trio SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE has proved to be one of the strangest and most interesting musical acts around. The Philadelphia band lost a couple of members, but have now added a whole new dimension to their sound, and the results are disorienting and beguiling.

The LP is an unwieldy blend of psych-laced indie rock and druggy hypnagogic pop, oscillating between moments of chaotic noise and enchanting melodic beauty at a hairpin’s turn. ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH is a challenging record – unpredictable, prone to skittering interruptions, and never afraid to plunge down unexpected sonic rabbit holes. But if that’s your sort of thing, then this record will take you for a wild ride. SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE have truly leveled up, and we’ve included a pair of their tracks on our newest monthly YouTube mix.

The rest of the playlist covers the full sonic spectrum, from Kero Kero Bonito’s new vapor-house odyssey, to Origami Angel’s careening emo-core, to a small slice of FlyLo’s Yasuke score. You can dive right in and get the full tracklist below:

2. Tirzah – “Send Me”
3. Elder Island – “Sacred”
4. Origami Angel – “Self Destruct”
5. MIKE – “Evil Eye”
6. Chubby and the Gang – “Lightning Don’t Strike Twice”
7. Flying Lotus – “Pain and Blood” (Yasuke OST)
8. Red Fang – Arrows
9. Charles – “Remember Blushing”
10. PACKS – “New TV”
11. Shady Nasty – “Ibiza”
12. Jodi – “Go Slowly”
13. Little Simz – “Introvert”
14. Richard Jahn – “Private Members Club”
15. Satya – “Summertime”
16. LSDXOXO – “Sick Bitch”
17. Free Throw – “Cloud Sick”
18. Claire George – “I Promise” (LIVE)
19. Beachy Head – “Hiddensee”
20. Andy Stott – “Answers”
21. SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “Painting a Clear Picture From An Unreliable Narrator”
22. Small Black – “Postcard”
23. Pictureplane – “Avalanche”
24. Lightning Bug – “September Song Pt. II”
25. Jordana & Magdalena Bay – “Push Me Away”
26. Hot Mulligan – “Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, DUH)” (Live Acoustic)
27. SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE – “I Suck The Devil’s Cock”
28. Your Old Droog X Edan – “The Glitch”
29. Charlie Martin – “September”
30. Dry Cleaning (KEXP LIVE)
31. The Chemical Brothers – “The Darkness That You Feel”
32. Perturbator – “Excess”
33. Drug Church – “Tawny”
34. Kero Kero Bonito – “Well Rested”
35. black midi – “Slow”
36. Home Is Where – “Assisted Harakiri”