ARK IDENTITY – “Atmosphere”

Toronto artist blends dream pop and psychedelia on hypnotic new track Toronto-based artist Noah Mroueh, the songwriter and artist behind ARK IDENTITY, has unveiled his

July 2024 Mix

Featuring Blind Girls, BUSTWIZE, Deathbrain, & tracks off some of our favorite recent albums Welcome back to our recurring playlist series! It’s scorching hot in

Emma Philine – ‘HURRICANE’

Alt pop artist fuses dark R&B and hyperpop on resilient new EP Known for her unique fusion of dark R&B and experimental pop, Emma Philine‘s

Our Kids – “Salad”

Italian duo shares powerful, emotive indie anthem “Salad,” the debut single from Our Kids, is a compelling introduction to this new project from Niccolò Barca

Mo Van Zandt – “Waves”

Berlin-based artist drops eclectic & experimental single One of the latest artists and experimentalists to emerge from the cultural melting pot of Berlin is Texan-native

Soccer Mommy – “Lost”

Photo by Anna Pollack Indie sensation returns with first new single in two years On the heels of performing a series of solo, stripped-down concerts

ÄTNA – “Hiatus”

German duo returns with leftfield alt-pop single German duo ÄTNA, comprised of Inéz and Demian, return with “Hiatus,” their latest journey into leftfield alt-pop with