Dinosaur Jr. at a Cape Cod restaurant

Post Author: Brian Butler

After the cold french fries and lobster scraps were removed from the red and white checkered picnic tables obstructing the stage, the sound check began, and an effort was made to clear the floor of the day’s accumulated sand. Tonight, Dinosaur Jr. was gracing the presence of The Beachcomber, a quaint seaside shanty located around the wrist of Cape Cod, MA. This show had been widely anticipated, as the type of talent that washes up is at this venue is usually as local as the hand-painted driftwood menus hanging from their ceiling.

It was clear that this show was going to be a spectacle when The Beachcomber’s small stage nearly disappeared under J Mascis’ Marshall stacks. The crowd was packed to the ceiling, and those who refused to put on shirts and shoes watched from the windows. It was reported that traces of this show’s sonic boom of feedback and nostalgia could be felt as far away as Martha’s Vineyard and Amherst, MA.