Imposition 3: Beets home, Smith Westerns away

Post Author: , Nate Dorr

The Beets played a homecoming show at Don Pedro's after their first national tour.

They also became the first band to show up on two of our monthly Test Pattern parties. If you add in their short-lived offspring that one among us unabashedly crushed on (versus Beach Fossils, no less), then you start to see the workings of a massive Beets-backed cabal whose reaches go to the very roots of Don Pedro's power. (That power is three dollar well shots, and free Colt, sometimes.)

We tried to make the place as warm and cozy and dirty as they left it by inviting some of our favorite skuzzy, scruffy, and/or shiny pop and garage bands to play alongside. That included a fly-by-night (or CMJ week) stop-in by Chicago's Smith Westerns and Seattle's Idle Times, along with Beach Fossils, Dream Diary, and Girls at Dawn.