NE-HI at Empty Bottle

Post Author: Sarah Hess

On February 24th, Chicago band NE-HI released its sophomore album ‘Offers,’ via Grand Jury Music. Impose caught up with the men of NE-HI – Jason Balla (guitar), Alex Otake (drums), Michael “Mikey” Wells (guitar), James Weir (bass) – at Empty Bottle, the historic Windy City club the four friends have come to call home, for their sold-out record release show. In the venue’s basement, Balla joked Empty Bottle is “the only place it’s acceptable to wear your jammies on stage.”

While there were no pajamas to be seen, there were some local legends; joining NE-HI on stage were Colin Croom (Twin Peaks) on synths for the song “Offers” and Doug Malone, who played lap steel guitar for “Buried on the Moon.” Also on stage: old TV monitors showcasing 90s-esque graphics and amazing lights, thanks to Nick Ciontea. 

NE-HI will be performing at SXSW, before continuing its North American tour, in Memphis, TN, on March 21st, and ending in Bloomington, IN May 10th.

No pajamas to be seen.