Noise Pop 2011 Day 1

Post Author: , Kati Prescott

Once again Noise Pop has arrived. We began at the always inviting Benders happy hour where Hot Fog, Harderships and Dirty Ghosts performed. We stayed for a while, might have stayed longer had a balboa lesson not beckoned at the Verdi Club.

After reckoning with my dreadful coordination, we scooted out to the Independent where the great and mighty Deak was headlining. Oona sang her heart out while sporting a Taylor Swift by way of Shirley Temple head of curls. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat from Baltimore, Maryland reminded me again of the infinite power of what a floor tom/electric bass duo can do. These guys are friends of Mr. Deacon, and their set of minimalist thrash histrionics and alternate “Gimme Danger” style crooning somehow set the scene for the dance party ahead. “I’m a little rusty, this is the second time I’ve played solo since last Halloween,” Dan cautioned his adoring crowd. So with his table of mixer boards, gadgets and who knows what, the Deak had everyone raising hands, touching the sky, touching their neighbor’s face, creating a center dance circle, all accompanied by signature zany lights and a green glowing voodoo skull.

Starring Dan Deacon, Ed Schrader, Oona, and Dirty Ghosts.