Noveller, unFact, and Aidan Baker in Paris

Post Author: , Sarahana

As we walked into Les Instant Chavirés only a few minutes late, unFact—aka David Wm. Sims of Jesus Lizard—was just finishing up his set. As it happens, shows start early in Paris. The part gallery, part seated venue is situated on a small alley, and was an appropriate setting for a night of spacey instrumental performances from three solo guitarists.

Noveller’s set was as good as we’ve seen from her in Brooklyn. Though short, it was purposeful and had an aggressive undertone beneath the subdued facade. For her last song, she let go and shredded her way through. This was in stark contrast to Aidan Baker, who played one long continuous drone that started at nearly a whisper and grew into a loud bombastic growl. He ended the evening with an abrupt slip of the pedal after a moment of sustained feedback; this left Baker and the audience chuckling.

Noveller shreds!