Pool Party 2009, week 5

Post Author: , Sahara Shrestha

With Del the Funky Homosapien, dd/mm/yyyy, Prince Paul, Gravy Train!!!!, and Kenan Bell.

For the first time in three weeks the Pool Parties at East River State Park were blessed with a blisteringly hot sun without even the distant hope of precipitation. This was fine by us, and probably fine by the west coasters like Kenan Bell, Gravy Train!!!! and Kenan Bell, who know what it’s like to bake for hours, but those poor Torontans we like to call dd/mm/yyyy. Dude in black Tomas Del Balso did not in fact melt, but we have to assume he became one with his swamp ass after their appropriately blistering set. Also, we can die happy because Del did “Mr. Dobalina.”