Pow Pow, another Beets iteration, reunite for a night

Post Author: Nate Dorr

Long before the Beets, there was Pow Pow. However briefly.

Beets principles Juan and Jose have been playing together in various bands for years; for one month five years ago, they were joined by Veronica (vocals) and Juan’s childhood friend and neighbor from Uruguay Zalo (drums) as Pow Pow. The band lasted exactly as long as Zalo’s visit (the month of October), practiced in Jose’s room, and played a single show at an Artland open mic night.

Almost exactly five years later, Zalo was back in town and the band back together for a single show at Bruar Falls. Proving that the last five years have only been a hiatus. Also proving that the Beets’ classic lo-fi garage pop was not born in a vacuum, but simply the latest of a long line of effortlessly catchy songwriting projects. And if you missed them: maybe they’ll have another show in another five years.

The Beets are simply the latest in a long line of effortlessly catchy songwriting projects.