Sugar and Gold vs. Of Montreal side project Yip Deceiver

Post Author: , Kati Prescott

Last Saturday, San Francisco’s Fell Street was treated to the dance heavy delights of Sugar and Gold, and Of Montreal extension Yip Deceiver. Being that the SnG empire has been an instrumental force both here in the Bay Area and Monterey Bay Peninsula respectively, it’s great to see their sphere of influence spanning toward the pop stronghold of Athens, Georgia. SnG’s Keyboardist, and Yamaha DX-100 enthusiast Nicolas Dobbratz provided beats, keys and vocals alongside Of Monreal’s excitable Davey Pierce, also on vocals and Macbook duties for Yip Deceiver.

Pierce then backed up SnG on drums, Dobbratz kick started the drum machines and synth sequencers while Phil Minnig (a.k.a. Pam) brought down the house with his Gary Wilson/Jeff Goldblum/Prince get up. Furry costumed creatures ran amuck and Phil gave a “Phil Collins for life” shout out before going into late night premium cable seduction territory with “Bodyaches.”

Everyone wins.