Whack + Black Wing at John Bosch

Post Author: Dylan Neely

Whack and Black Wing both played enthusiastic and high-energy sets Friday night at John Bosch. Black Wing is a new band from Westchester with guy/girl singing and some heavy bass lines to power their ninety second songs. The set started out with Will Mcandrew, their bassist, throwing himself across the room through the crowd, thereby informing everyone what type of show this was gonna be. It’s a testament to the energy coming from these two bands that the crowd was dancing and sweaty in an unheated room in the middle of February.

Whack played a longer set filled with intricate musical material—especially on the accordion and sax—that wasn’t lost in the driving punk drums. They comprise a genre-defying six-piece that, on Friday, battled to play in a packed room where people continuously knocked their instruments over. It didn’t seem to faze them, though, as they showed that you can still make people dance without sacrificing complex harmonies.