Whartscape 2010: Friday

Post Author: Nate Dorr + Joe Perez

Day one of the last, arguably most epic Whartscape to grace Baltimore.

With, get ready, Teengirl Fantasy, Narc, Freddy Jones, DJ Yo Yo Dieting, Moss of Aura, Chandeliers, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Yip Yip, Pictureplane, Teenage Souls, Witch Hat, Weekends, Cup Cache, Plural MC, Ofire, Oxes, Diet Pepi, So Percussion, Club Lifestyle, Needle Gun, Oxes, Height with Friends, Javelin, Eric Copeland, Lil B, Romantic States, Jack Toft with the Vegetables, 5th Dimension Dance Party, Dan Friel, Omega Jarden, Big Digits.

About Oxes: