Young Romance, Another’s Blood

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Another’s Blood is the full-length debut of Young Romance, with Claire Heywood on vocals and drums + Paolo Ruiu on guitar and bass. The London-based duo’s 10-track, is a fantastic ride, full of storytelling and vivid displays of their musical talent.

“Pale” is the opening track, coming in at [1:58], featuring a fierce, independent atmosphere. Ending on a high note, it fits well into the whole. Ideal for an aggressive drive home after work, it’s got a place in anyone’s cruising playlists. Worthy of appreciation within Another’s Blood is “Wasting Time”, which is a rebuttal on lost love within a ballad, throwing in some truly fanatical guitar work from Paolo, escalating at the last moment into a pool of blissful freedom, with ethereal touches.

“Above The Wall” is a collection of drawn-back vocals, with “Cracks” even channeling a Stevie Nicks vibe, which at first seems surprising, until it works so incredibly well. “Disappear” is full of noise and grit, throwing any listener for a turn transitioning into the reverb masterpiece of “Pulling At The Grey”. Returning to the pace and fierceness of “Pale”, the fittingly entitled “Never Learn” is an angry, but restrained vision of regret, with “Wild” living up to its name as well.

Out of Another’s Blood, our unanimous favorite was “Room To Breathe”. Subtle guitar work gives off an electronica feel at first, leading in reflective vocals, at times shouting enlightenment. Explosions of drum work and background, chorus-like excellence highlights what we find to be the climax of this story. Edging out their debut album is “Cold”, an acoustic beauty, that breaks our heart, too.

Another’s Blood can be purchased here, and Young Romance can be found on Facebook.