Doll Baby "Silver Stars"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Richmond, VA based punk-rockers Doll Baby have released a rollercoaster of a music video to accompany their track, “Silver Stars.” The track is a raucous upheaval of punk as we know it, Julie Storey’s raw vocals blending with Eric Kelly’s guitar, Jake Guralnik’s bass and Dan Kelly’s drums. The music video explores what can go wrong in a pizza delivery, following the protagonist played by Sammi Lanzetta of 6131 Records.

Doll Baby’s brand of punk holds nothing back, brewing up straightforward cathartic tracks, akin to those of Dads and Modern Baseball. The music video for “Silver Stars” has a cathartic effect to it as well, as Lanzetta slowly breaks free from the chains of employment. You can keep up with Doll Baby here.