Reema Major, "AK47"

Post Author: Andre G

In the spirit of songs like Nas’ “I Gave You Power” classic, Toronto-based MC Reema Major gives life to an assault rifle on “AK47.” However, instead of taking cues from Nas by focusing on intra-racial violence taking place in low income communities, Reema offers perspective on choppers in the hands of more powerful people who engineer that cantakerous atmosphere, like predacious police and a “dictator who deceives and believes he’s greater.”
Born in Sudan, but fleeing to Kenya before finding residence in Kansas City, Ontario, and Atlanta, Reema brings a worldy dynamism to “AK47’s” narrative, which marries her poignant lyrics with an understated soundscape of chunky drums and resonant strings. Reema diagnoses the use of high-powered weaponry as a means of control, from the cop on the block to pillaged, wartorn countries in Africa. The evil is universal, and the words springing forth on the song’s lyric video underscores that concept. “AK47” is a lead single from her upcoming LegenDIARY project.