Vic Mensa collaborates with We Buy Gold for 'Mind Of Mensa' animated series

Post Author: Andre G

Artists who are able to capitalize off their larger than life microphone personas are seeing a lot of success these days. With the number of content creators out there to collaborate with, the possibilities are endless. Just ask Chicago’s Vic Mensa, who collaborated Instagram-First brand on “Mind of Mensa.” It’s a little-known fact that Mensa is actually a Black belt – which is probably why he felt so comfortable putting DJ Akademiks in his place. The artists looked to play on Mensa’s karate background for “Mind of Mensa.”
In the first episode of the upcoming five episode series, Mensa gets bullied and broke for his lunch money by a buff, Johnny Bravoesque figure. He then goes to sensei-figure a loosely based on Kanye West, who plans to arm him with the skills he needs for combat supremacy. Mensa even found a way to turn his last name into a cool acronym. You can see the future adventures on We Buy Gold’s Instagram account channel every Friday.