Best, worst, cameltoe

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Best tweet of CMJ.

Dum Dum Girls wear black tights, distance themselves from Vivian Girls, who haunt their every critical mention, as well as their drum set.

On the rise: Dudes with camel toes.

Best headline of CMJ: “The xx played the NBC Experience Store in NYC – pics.” The “pics” with the MSNBC logo hovering overhead clinch the deal. They played the Apple Store, too.

Best flyer.

Future Islands played two unofficial shows, killed it and went home.

The New York Times films the light bulb flashing over Stereogum's executive editor's head just before he anoints a new “band to watch.”

Pitchfork would probably do Smith Western's frontman, once he is of age:

“And because they've got a truly charismatic leader in Omori, who reminded me of a young Keanu Reeves with some “21 Jump Street”-era Johnny Depp thrown in. This kid does not give a shit, and it's pretty thrilling to watch.” [P4K]

Speaking of uncomfortable, the Tripwire spent all week with bands in the shower.

A crappy year for music-going marks a great year for self-analysis. Apparently CMJ was and is for the industry, perhaps because they are still running on cable modems.

Obvious winners of CMJ (before they even left the gate): Surfer Blood, panel analyses, a desultory march of trends towards Cold Cave and the XX's wintry synths.

Obvious losers: The week-long, blow out corporate sponsored party. You did not get one this year that was not siphoned into a single day (Fader) or two or three-set late night parties (Vice). But did you try our Colt45?