Atlas Engine Premieres After the End EP, We Swoon A Little Too Much

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Atlas Engine–Nick LaFalce (ex-BRAEVES, Terrible Terrible)– releases his debut EP After the End today, after self recording and producing the entire project. To say this is a labor of love is an understatement, and we are well aware our words won’t do it any justice. We’ll still say something, even if you must ignore what we have to say. But definitely listen to the EP anyway. It just might be your new favorite work of art.

After the End starts off on the right side of the bed if ever there were one, “Everest” being one of those feel good, soul awakening songs. The album rolls right into “This Is The Place”, a song that takes a slower tempo but still makes you breathe deeply, almost longingly. The third track, “Ghost On The Shore” begins with a deep bass line, slowing the pace down to a near crawl. It’s almost got a trance-like quality, and we definitely wouldn’t mind enjoying this track on a relaxing summer night.

“Take Me Away” brings the pace back up, although the vocals stay at the same ethereal place as they have been throughout the EP. While “Wild Orchard” brings more of a folkie/funk aspect to the record (Is that a real statement?), it feels full to the brim with the sentiment of coming home. “Out From The Ashes” rounds out the EP quite nicely, highlighting the warmth in the guitar chords.

Atlas Engine has brought us full circle with this EP, sparing no quality of sound or attention to detail. It’s a high quality work of art, with a feeling of continuity that is rare to find these days. Our feeling of freedom from listening to these tracks is well received, as Nick LaFalce himself admits, “This project has given me total freedom, and that’s what a lot of the record is about in one way or another: a newfound freedom from the past.”

How is it that a band can make you feel so many open-heart emotions? Definitely went a little overboard on the gushing end of things, but that’s how we fair when an album is perfection.

After the End is available now.