Ben Khan, “Eden”

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ben khan

When Jai Paul's debut album appeared on the net in April, then disappeared just as quickly, the whole of the web had copped a download, making his label's desire to rebury the release an entirely moot point. Touched with the jive of Prince and the life of Bollywood classics, the record was golden, whether it was available to download or not. Its hallmark and most pressing quality was its sexy, jazz-infused guitar lines that punctuated widened beats. Lo and behold, while Jai Paul remains beneath a rock somewhere in Southeast London, Ben Khan, another mysterious producer of wide repute but little personality, offered up “Eden”, the sexiest goddamn song we've heard since that April leak. Utilizing more or less the same technique, slicing through wide electro bubbles with the slightest touch of a fret and the occasional trumpet blare. We're thinking of hiring some economists to figure out how to monetize that Prince-indebted guitar sex. Let's make it the currency of the future.