Blu still giving in 2010

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Blu closed out '09 by putting up a free album titled TheGODLeeBarnes LP. Blu needs to stop bullshitting and give us a proper album. Real talk.

Blu has become hip hop's version of the lo-fi tape hiss garage rock wanker. His latest free download is over an hour of unreleased beats and raps that sounds like it was overdubbed on a Bel Biv Devoe cassette. The sound is blown to shit.

Released via Twitter, TheGODleeBarnes LP is a frustrating listen, as the hour of music is one mp3 – for now. Blu is not even fucking with us. This is an official release that will eventually be re-released in separated tracks version with flicks and words by Blu.

Low budget sound quality and single mp3 nonsense aside, this LP is a step in a more focused direction for Blu. He's spent the better part of '09 toying with instrumental and quirky meditative download releases. But, if the New Years Eve theory that “how you start the new year is how the remaining 364 days will transpire” holds weight, then we are in for a career defining performance from Blu. There's still a second Blu & Exile LP to look forward to.

Download TheGODleeBarnes LP here.