BLYNE – “Randomness”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Berlin-based duo drops infectious alt-pop anthem

Following the release of their lead-single “Genuine Love,” the inventive electronic alt-pop duo BLYNE definitely had fun writing and producing “Randomness.” This catchy bop sees BLYNE achieve what they set out to do: create a project with the approach to convey their own definition of contemporary pop music. “Randomness” has an early MGMT-inspired feel to it with its twinkling syncopated keys sound and ethereal synth lead accompanied by Jan’s double-tracked, youthful and catchy vocal delivery.  

“It’s probably one of the most fun and carefree sounding tracks we’ve ever made!,” BLYNE shared. “We wanted it to sound as if an angry and confused kid is trying to perform the happiest version of a nihilism song. Recording it felt surprisingly easy.

“Pitching up the vocals always has something very freeing to it, since you kind of morph into a different character without having to worry about all the usual pressure and baggage when it comes to performing. It’s our take on the bright feel-good indie formula, but maybe in a weirder way.”

Give it a spin below: