Casedi – Hypnosis

Casedi is a soulful R&B singer hailing from San Diego. Earlier this year, she dropped the silky and poignant track “You On You,” a nuanced mediation on relationship dynamics and the capacity of people to change (for better or worse). Now, she’s followed that up with another lush stunner called “Hypnosis.”

Here, Casedi croons over a sparse, piano-based beat packed with flickering electronic percussion. Her voice is bold and pure – with pangs of longing and vulnerability – as she parses the visceral, spiritual experience of love. “Cause I know when it’s like this it’s hard to not release/ Feeling on my energy more than the eye can see/ My flower it’s your idol it bring you into peace/ Love renewed for more seasons,” she says of love’s healing, rejuvenating power. “Hypnosis” is an intimate and searing ballad that further positions Casedi as a rising star of the genre. Listen to it below.