DLRN, The Bridge

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DLRN stands for Delorean, but the Sacramento hip hop troupe could not tread on the Spanish trance pop's namesake now could it? The Bridge is DLRN's free transition EP as it prepares its next full length.

The duo of 5th Ave and producer Jon Reyes debuted last year with No More Heroes, an eight-track record with some impressive moments such as “Dear Langston”. Intent on making hip hop with heart and soul power, The Bridge is a clear sign of growth in the duo's craft as the beats establish an a-typical bounce and 5th Ave escalates his flow into a hypnotic tick. On “Reset” (featuring Illecism and Prometheus Brown, formerly known as Geologic of Blue Scholars) he swims upstream through his conscious with the lines “I stay over heards / lettuce and cabbage / spinach and radish / medicine cabinet / Illy, Geo and 5th with another classic.” 5th Ave also deserves props for a well-placed reference to Starter jackets in his verse. Man, I wanted to rock one of those hella bad growing up.

Download The Bridge here.

For added incentive to check out DLRN, watch the group's video for “Dear Langston,” which was inspired by the art of Kehinde Wiley.

Delorean – Dear Langston from Faux Real Crew on Vimeo.

DLRN, “Reset” (feat. Prometheus Brown & Illecism)