Eloise Viola Shares ‘Like The Summer’

London songwriter Eloise Viola is fast making a name for herself as one of the UK’s most exciting new artists

Building a fearsome reputation in the UK pop scene, London singer-songwriter Eloise Viola is showing all the signs of a performer with a glistening future ahead of her. Combining a hard-working attitude with raw talent, Eloise has all the ingredients to make the world take notice.

A mutli-faceted creator, the young songwriter has been writing and working on music while pursuing her other passions including podcasting on body positivity and mental health in young women.

“I have put a lot of work into having a positive body image and working on my mental health surrounding eating/exercise. I wanted to share my journey and help young people (especially women)”

Aside from her many talents outside music, her work on the studio is beginning to pick up serious traction. Less than a year has passed since her debut single “For My Eyes” and the young Londoner has amassed fans across the globe, as well as key industry interest. She’s also just completed her first live dates in the USA. Online, her distinctive brand of balanced, contemporary pop has lead to support from Euphoria Magazine, Lock Magazine and Popdust, not to mention a sold-out debut show in London. Her social platforms have also found her new fans worldwide via her live videos on YouTube & Instagram.

I was in Los Angeles with a writing team when we wrote Like The Summer. We were writing in the scorching hot weather, being by the pool and it was a really exciting time for me. I felt like my ‘sound’ was coming together and it felt like the start of something big. Like the Summer is about that feeling of excitement about starting something new, it’s about a new love and that feeling you get when the sun starts to break through and the summer starts; relaxation and excitement at the same time!